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Sunday, 28 August 2016

'Married At First Sight' Australia, Season Three: VIDEOS

'Married At First Sight' - season three for Australian TV starts on Monday August 29, then continues on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Are you a fan of the show? This season, some of the talk will be about the show's first same sex couple 'wedding.'

I say 'wedding' as they're not legal at all, the ceremonies. You know that, don't you?

The show's premise revolves around the couple LATER deciding if they will stay together after their TV wedding ceremony... and then, the marriage will be deemed legal.

The show, dubbed a 'social experiment dating program', has unveiled the first two episodes of season three on its live streaming program 9Now.

Click this LINK HERE (it will expire shortly).
This preview offers audiences an exclusive look at season three’s first two weddings ahead of its official launch tomorrow night. The series launch kicks off on Channel 9.
The program involves four couples marrying upon first meeting.
The show’s debut in early 2015 attracted 1.134m viewers in the 8:45pm time slot.
Meanwhile, season two, which aired earlier this year, garnered 771,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, other promos for the show are doing the trick to draw us in.
This one: simultaneously intriguing and kinda hilarious:

'The Bachelorette' 2016 Georgia Love: VIDEOS

This is her. The Australian woman named 'The Bachelorette' for 2016.

Her name: Georgia Love. Why, of course.

She's a journalist and now looking for love in a national TV show format - it's season two: season one's 'The Bachelorette' was Sam Frost

The 27 year old is from Tasmania, and was announced in June as Sam's successor, beating thousands of other eligible women. Here she is:

Have you seen the promo ads for it?

Here they are - first, the latest one. So beautifully styled:

Season two of 'The Bachelorette' will screen on Channel Ten later this year.

A video posted by @bacheloretteau on

Saturday, 20 August 2016

BAZAAR Icons: 'In Bed with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West': Harper's Bazaar VIDEO + PHOTOS

Kim and Kanye are - whether you like it or not - pop culture royalty. First name basis and all, folks. In case you need it: Kardashian and West.

And now, Harper's Bazaar agree and have included them in their icons lineup. Here is the cover. The issue is onsale from August 16:

Here is an excerpt:

Paris—Karl Lagerfeld's studio, June 13, 2016.
STEPHEN GAN What is it like to be dubbed a fashion icon by Carine Roitfeld?
KIM KARDASHIAN WEST It's such an honor. I have always loved and respected Carine's style and her taste, so for her to choose Kanye and I is such a big deal. It was such a challenge at the beginning, no one would send clothes—they didn't even think that I would fit a sample size. They would see photos and just think that I was super curvy. Even now there are some designers that swear that I will never fit in a sample size. I'm a size two. I happen to be curvy, but for some reason I'm the master of squeezing into anything, and so it's fun to see when a designer finally sends something and they're like, "Wait, she really fit in that sample size." It's hard to find things that are unique and also fit my body type, and that are ahead of the curve and ahead of the game. I love always elevating and trying new things and I think that's where Kanye comes in, because I swear he sees everything a few steps ahead of anyone else. Kanye is a big part of my fashion story and my fashion transformation. He's my best stylist. Every look I love is definitely something that he's had a hand in helping to style or put together. My friends and my sisters will say, "I've never met anyone like you two who will just sit in a closet for hours and try on clothes and cut things up and redesign them." We just love it, and we spend a lot of time on it. We do put a lot of effort into the looks and trying to stay ahead of the game.
SG What do you think of Paris? How often do you come with Kanye?
KKW I wish we were here longer, we're only here for one day, but I'll definitely be back for the [fashion] shows this year. Paris is such a big part of my story with Kanye. When he had his second fashion show, I hadn't really left the house, I was just sitting at home hanging out a lot and he invited me to his show and my friends were like, "Why not? Just go!" That kind of sparked my relationship. We first really fell in love in Paris. And even though we got married in Italy, we spent our whole week here getting ready. All of our guests thought that we were getting married in Paris. We were going to, and then we switched the venue a month before, surprising everyone by telling them to come to Paris thinking that's where it would be. We did our bachelorette and bachelor dinners and parties and welcome party and then our rehearsal dinner at Versaille and then we told everyone, "Hey guys, we're not really getting married in Paris, everyone be outside by 11am and planes will take everyone to Italy." Paris was really part of our wedding, we have such an emotional connection here.
Read the rest of the article HERE.

See the video wrap here:

And now, the rest of the photos:

73 Questions With Kendall Jenner, Vogue VIDEO

I really love these Vogue videos... and this one, the '73 Questions With' with Kendall Jenner Vogue video is so much fun to watch.

She's super cute and confident, and very engaging the whole way through.


Democratic National Convention: A Bad Lip Reading VIDEO

Ah, those cheeky folks at Bad Lip Reading.

Even if you're not into what's happening in the lead up to the US election, this... is pretty darn hilarious.

As are all the clips from Bad Lip Reading.

Watch their latest, just in instalment... set to go viral:

And of course the now most famous snapshot from the convention:

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System: VIDEO


I love it, I really do.

Scan my Instagram page and you'll see I am hair obsessed. Mamma told me that hair always needs to look perfect before leaving the house.

But hair on legs, underarms, bikini line? Ugh, be gone.

Okay, confession time though.

I don't like hair on my body, nope. No letting it grow under arms (yew). No hairy arms.

But: I don't have any hair on my face. Never waxed my lady mo - because I don't have one.

And... I don't do Brazilians. Have done. Once. Yeah, no. Not interested in being utterly naked down there. Pubic hair is there for a reason, folks. (Have you ever zapped your hair entirely there? Uncomfortable, for many different reasons).

But a trimmed lady garden - yes. I am not a waxer, not a beauty salon regular for hair removal.

So, when I was offered the chance to trial the new Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System - yep. Come at me.

It's super simple to use, you guys. Foolproof, even. Here is a photo of the beauty:

First thing you need do is actually shave your hair off. So, I let it ALL grow, super long. Then took to it with a razor, and then started the process of zapping.

Here's the deal: if you have pale skin and dark hair you're the best possible candidate for the product. In laymen's terms, the Lumea machine omits flashes of light that are drawn to the dark hair, killing it at the root.

The process is (should be) pain free, and the treatment doesn't take too long at all. 

All you need to do is run it over the area slightly slower than if you were shaving to allow the light to be absorbed. (Also, as you can see above, there are different attachments according to the area of your body you are treating: face, bikini line, legs).

Pro tip: the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System comes with a guide that advises what light intensity you should use dependent on your skin tone. Don't use a higher intensity than what is recommended for your skin. This baby is also cordless, so you can use the machine around the house.

Here's the best bit: after four treatments you should start to see smoother skin for longer, and you can be hair free for up to two months. The longer you continue to use the product, the longer lasting the results will be.

The best way to explain it is via this video:

For more info, go HERE.

The product is at an RRP of $899. See more on it here.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Italian Food + Wine Festival: WIN tickets

The Italian Food + Wine Festival is back, and it's bigger than ever, spanning two cities: Sydney and Melbourne.

The premium Italian food and wine events was created in 2013 by Lara Caraturo, an award winning sommelier and passionate Italophile, and it celebrates Italian wine and food culture in Australia. Produced by Lara and the team at Progetto Panevino - an events company obsessed with all things Italian wine and food, it shines the spotlight on real artisans, quality wineries, renowned chefs and personalities. Its purpose: allowing guests to discover industry icons as well as rising stars, and deepen their love for authentic Italian wine and food.

Think: exploring Italian wines region by region, devouring food, coffee, and beer, plus eating pizza, pasta and snacks. You can experience the true Italian lifestyle via the festival's workshops, plus you can meet producers, talk to the experts, watch live food making and cooking demonstrations, and paying homage to tradition and showcasing innovation.

My fave pitstops? The Negroni bar with some swift Italian guys mixing it up on the spot. The fresh food options. And the smell of red wine, and new possibilities on faves.

The event's hashtag? #italiansdoitbetter - because, yeah. We kinda do ;)

Follow all the social media convo on this hashtag, across Twitter and Instagram.

And: Josie's Juice readers can win tickets to the event - more on that below.

Josie's Juice blog fave The Wog With The Grog will be at the festival, showcasing his exclusive Damilano wines to a 'hungry for new wine and food' audience.

See and buy his range HERE - or buy the reds and white Damilano at the event!

For more on the festival, go HERE. To buy tickets, go HERE.

To go in the running to win one of TWO double passes on offer, with a masterclass of your choice to attend too (Sydney only - check them out on the website) - here is all you need to do:

- Follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you are on the social media platforms. Also, share the Italian Food + Wine Festival photo on my @josiegags Instagram page by taking a screenshot of it, then using these hashtags: #regram #josiesjuice #competitions #giveaways #prizes #ItaliansDoItBetter

- Share this blog link on your Facebook wall

- Comment below on why you'd like to win a double pass + one masterclass pass each to the event (only to the Sydney event) AND email me at josiegags@optusnet.com.au so I can contact you in case you are a winner (so many people forget this step and don't enter a valid email address below, and I spend lots of time trying to track you down, or simply give the prize to the next person - not fun for anyone!)

(If you find it hard to comment below because your device won't let you - sometimes that happens on an iPhone, for example - simply send me your entry and address via email at josiegags@optusnet.com.au).

*Competition is open to Australian residents only.

Winners will be advised by email, by Friday 19 August. Good luck!

The Wog With The Grog stand at Italian Food + Wine Festival, 2014